John P. Crowley

John P. Crowley grew up in the rough and tumble neighborhood of Northwest Austin in the 1970s, being tortured by his three older brothers and two younger sisters. He turned to a world of make believe, finding comfort in the Six Million Dollar Man, the work of Gary Coleman and the super human abilities of running-back Earl Campbell.


Crowley briefly attended Forestry School in East Texas, but was asked to leave due to the pervasive smell of garlic from his night job at an Italian restaurant. Moving back home, he launched his professional baking career at a start up restaurant chain, and ultimately rose to his destiny in the film industry–specializing in dishwashing for a catering company. One of his early film patrons, auteur Stanley Kramer said, “Even with pruned hands this kid’s got it.”


As an adult, Crowley pursued his interest in the film industry, working as a location manager for movies and TV, and as a freelance producer for motion design and production companies. He has worked across the globe, serving as location manager and scout for Chronicles of Narnia, Predators, True Grit, Spy Kids 4, Machete Kills, Transformer 4 and the Dusk til Dawn TV series. Crowley has also produced numerous projects, including the feature film At The Zoo, the documentary Wax: The Movie, opening titles for the first three seasons of the television series, South Park, and interstitials for The Learning Channel, National Geographic, Comedy Central and Fox Sports World.


Crowley, or “Buns” as his friends call him, has recently shifted his creative focus to his own art. Although he has no formal training, he comes from a long line of sailors–dubbed the Band of Crowleys by his father–who would spend weekends combing through garage sales and piles of curbside treasures for materials to repurpose. Crowley’s art pieces, created primarily from scraps and other found objects, carry on this fine family tradition. His latest project Men of Action, is a series of drawings inspired by the people–both admirable and terrifying–that he’s met along the way.